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Valentine's Day guide to saving money on gifts

Learn how to save money on Valentine's gifts.
Photo by Tax Credits via Flickr

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, many couples look to please each other with expensive or luxurious gifts. Though these things and thoughts toward one another are nice, couples or friends should not have to break their budgets to please each other. With that, here are some ways to save money when purchasing gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Shop early

Valentine’s Day, like Christmas, has a set date. It is always on February 14, unlike Thanksgiving or Easter which change due to their specific day of the week significance. Since we know what day Valentine’s Day will fall on, we can shop for Valentine’s Day presents early or throughout the year.

Shopping early allows us to either put items on layaway or finance them with credit if they do not fit in our normal budget. This in turn gives us extra time to pay the item(s) off and the security of not spending a lot at one time.

Take it back

If you have products from past purchases or gifts still in the box or original packaging, get excited. If you never plan to use them or wear them, and they still have a barcode on them, consider returning them to the store.

Many stores will give you in-store credit for items that can be resold. The in-store credit can then be used to purchase a gift for Valentine’s Day without having to spend extra money.

Cook it

Rather than purchasing chocolates or other sweets, consider making them yourself. Your homemade sweet treat’s ingredients will more than likely only cost you half of what you would pay for them already made. Plus, the fact that you made it will make it more meaningful to your Valentine.

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