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Valentine’s Day guide to movies and dining with Discover

Discover is ready to make your Valentine’s Day romantic and rewarding when you watch a movie or dine out with your valentine. Through March 31, the consumer friendly credit card distributor has a 5% incentive for you when enjoying a flick, a meal, or both together.

Movie theaters
Movie theaters
Photo by Dave Dugdale via Flickr
Save money at the movies and restaurants through March 31 with Discover
Photo by Dave Dugdale via Flickr


Whether you are going to the theater or renting a DVD or blue ray to take back to the house, Discover has you covered. Card members can receive the 5% cashback bonus when ordering movie tickets online, buying tickets at a theater, or renting their choice feature.


The same cashback bonus is available for card members when choosing to eat out. Whether you sit down for a meal before your featured film, or purchase from the theater’s concession stand, Discover will reward you.

Reward yourself

If you are a Discover card member, make sure you sign up to earn your 5% cashback bonus. If you are not a Discover card member, get your card today! Then, sign up for this special bonus and be sure to use your charge card for a good movie and meal this Valentine’s Day.

The cashback bonus can later be redeemed for Discover partner gift cards. These gift cards include popular retailers such as Kohl’s and Macy’s, as well as restaurants and online retailers.

If you are excited about next Friday, allow Discover to make your dating experience more rewarding as you spend your time giving more. And remember, it always pays to discover!