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Valentine's Day gift ideas for the fashionista

Valentine's is the perfect time of year to reward your loved one with a thoughtful gift.
Valentine's is the perfect time of year to reward your loved one with a thoughtful gift.
Laura Tubb Prestwich

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, many a husband is sure to be in a dither about what to get for that special someone. Have no fear! There are many great gifts at your fingertips in Jackson.
A charm bracelet started off with a Valentine's themed charm is always thoughtful and appropriate. Robert's Jewelers on Vann Drive is an authorized Pandora retailer, one of the most popular brands of charm bracelets. With the bracelets retailing anywhere from $30 on up to $1,000, there is an option for several different price ranges. The sterling silver charms average about $25 dollars a piece on the Pandora website, and there is a bead for every occasion.

For those wishing to keep to a jewelry theme but spend a little less, Walmart has a selection of Valentine's jewelery that is both lovely and affordably priced. Red rhinestone heart necklaces are priced around $18, and they also sell a matching ring as well. In addition to jewelry, Walmart also carries Valentine's pajamas for woman from $6 up. Paired with a bouquet of flowers from their garden department and chocolates, this sweet and thoughtful gift shouldn't break the bank.

Another idea for men wishing to think outside the box on this special holiday is a pink iPod shuffle, which can be purchased at any Walmart, Target, or other electronics stores. Especially appropriate for the on-the-go woman, a pink shuffle can be loaded with romantically themed music and given with a gift card for music of her choice. The new mini shuffles are both cute and affordable at around $55.
Though these are great ideas for women young and old, most women would admit to loving any thoughtful small gift or card picked out by their loved one on this holiday. A special note or home cooked meal will likely serve as the perfect gift in the absence of money for this Valentine's Day.