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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for book lovers

Mini books, such as Charles Shultz's Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, make cute gifts for special occasions.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while the customary gifts of flowers and chocolates is always nice, it might not hurt to consider some slightly more creative ideas this year. The list below is comprised of various ideas for pleasing the book lover in your life.

Classic love stories

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to give someone a copy of a classic love story. Classic stories, such as Jane Austin’s story collections, can be found in any local bookstore. Old editions of classics, which can be found in many used bookstores, also make lovely gifts for book lovers.

Mini books

Mini books are usually available for any special occasion and make for nice gifts, especially for fans of novelty items. These little books are often heavy with sentiment and would accompany a sweet card well. They are often categorized by theme or occasion and can be found in card shops or around the registers in bookstores.

Books relating to chocolate

Valentine’s Day and chocolate have always complemented each other quite well, so why not give the special person in your life a book on the subject. Whether it be a book of recipes or a book about the history of chocolate, these books would be a fitting gift for both book and chocolate lovers. While these books might be slightly harder to find than the other items on the list, many of them can be found near the cookbook section in a local bookstore.

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