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Valentine's Day gift crafts for children

These gift ideas in this video are a great idea for you or your children to make for dad! Make a basket full of dad's favorite items, beef jerky, chocolates, cologne, you name it! If you want to make cupcakes have your child decorate them.

Other ideas for crafts that children can make are cards for mom or dad. Use some construction paper and fun heart shapes and let them glue a design on there with them. Write a message for their parent inside and give it to them on Valentine's Day!

A fun one is to make a sign for dad. Trace your child (or children if you have multiple kids) hand and cut them out. Glue them to a smaller size poster board. Write a message on there for dad. Anything with hand prints is always a good idea when it's coming from your children.

The last one is to make another sign, this one will say Love. You will take another poster board, this one should be white. Use red paint and put it on the child's feet. Put the footprints on the poster in the shape of an L. Next to the L you will write out the letter O. Underneath the L and O you will make the V and then for the E put the red paint on there hand and put it sideways to create the letter. There you have it! Love with a little personal touch.

I hope these ideas and the ideas in the video will help you get creative with your Valentine's Day gift this year.

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