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Valentine's Day for singles: City Walk


Ahhh Valentinte’s Day… heart candies, valentine cards, stuffed bears. Isn’t it all wonderful? Love is in the air and its undeniable… and pretty annoying for single folks. Being single is great, until all your friends in couples have turned off their phones for the weekend and are posting lovey-dovey pictures on Facebook. Well, the good news is there are plenty of “single” things to do on a weekend made for couples, all without breaking the bank! 

My favorite suggestion is City Walk, Universal Studios in Orlando. Take advantage of what you have so close by and have some fun! You can go to Universal Studios during the day and take advantage that theme parks are family places so it won’t just be couples, and you can get some great deals on hotels in February since it’s not high season (click here for helpful tips). Plus, Universal Studios is not as child-oriented as Disney so you can go with some friends and not feel overwhelmed by seas of children.

Then, after your day of fun, you can spend some adult time with friends at City Walk. One great thing to remember is that parking is only $3 after 6pm. Once you're there you can take advantage of tons of restaurants, bars, and neat places like the Hard Rock, where you can see a show or try your luck at the casino. For Reggae lovers, there will be a Reggae festival going on there this weekend. But really the best thing you and your friends can take advantage of at a great price is Blue Man Group. This is hands-down the best show I’ve ever seen and worth every penny. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t pricey. The good news is, if you are a student, you can enjoy a Blue Man Group show for just $30! Go to the box office the day of the show and show them your student ID or ISIC card and you can get up to two tickets per ID.

So a 3-4 hour car ride may seem a bit daunting but with all the great deals you can take advantage of, it’s worth it to gather up all your single friends and forget all about pesky ol’ Valentine’s Day!

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