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Valentine's Day for lovers miles apart

Even when you're miles apart, you can still share Valentine's Day with that someone special
Even when you're miles apart, you can still share Valentine's Day with that someone special
By deegolden

If you're Valentine is going to be far away this year, don't fret. Of course, the perfect idea would be to fly over and be where she or he is, but sometime that's just not possible. You can still connect with your loved one even the miles are keeping you apart. Here's a few ideas to keep you closer during this holiday for lovers.

  • Ye olde Skype date: Each one of you has to take part in it. You both need to light a candle. Get takeout of your favorite food to eat together if at all possible. And have a lovely meal, chatting together. And then take it to a naughty level if that's something that you're into. Or have a movie night where you're both watching on Netflix or Hulu.
  • Planned texts/tweets sent: Pick your poison, either text or tweets. Send out one for the morning to say the line of the chorus of "your" song. And send them throughout the day until it's your lover's sleeptime. Romance is still here! You just have to create it.
  • YouTube Valentine's Gift: Create a video on YouTube that's just for your valentine. It could be a compilation of videos, you playing a song on your ukulele, or a slideshow of photos from your favorite times together. Make it special and specific for you.
  • Create a gif: If you're married and/or engaged and you have photos of the proposal, that would make an excellent gif. You could also create just about anything. Maybe balloons that have Happy Valentine's Day spelled out on them being released into the sky, or a favorite parkour fail with "Just wanted to make you laugh for Valentine's Day." Be creative. You know what your valentine likes.
  • Send an old-fashioned love letter: Yes, there's email, Facebook messages, Tumblr, etc, but how often do you send an actual letter? It's something that's so rare that it'll make it special. You could include little trinket in, a few photos of fun dates (or location of future dates). You could even spray it with your signature perfume so you're S.O. can smell you and feel a little closer to you.

And there you have it. A few ideas to feel closer to your S.O. when you're miles apart on Valentine's Day. Do you have any ideas for connecting with your loved one? Be sure to leave them in the comments!

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