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Valentine's Day For Less - Gifts For Him

Barley Island
Barley Island

Shopping for your man can be extremely difficult.  They say that men are simple, but when it comes to gift giving it can feel like exactly the opposite.  Yes, they like their fun toys and the latest electronics but the real question is, how can you find a great gift for cheap?  We have some of the best gifts for men that you can afford on a budget.

1.  Bring on the brew - Go to your local brewery or grocery store (such as Kroger) and pick up a few of their best rated beers.  Barley Island and Ram are a few local favorites that offer a variety of delicious beers that he is sure to love.  If he is more into wine, you can always hit up a free wine tasting downtown at Easley Winery.

2.  Support the team - If your guys is really into sports, then he will love just about anything that has his team's logo on it. offers everything great gifts such as team flags, mugs, cozies, shot glasses and more.  The best part is most of these items are available for $15 or less.   

3.  Personalize it - A personalized money clip, Swiss army knife or cufflinks could be the perfect gift to give him this Valentine's Day.  If you have an inside joke or funny nickname (hint, don't use an embarrassing nickname) then put it on there too.

As for the romantic night out, guys love a home cooked meal.  There are also a few good Valentine's Day deals around Indianapolis.  Click here for meal deals around Indy.