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Valentine's Day for kids in Lexington

It's just over a week until Valentine's Day and you can be sure that classrooms and stores around Lexington will be filled to the brim with red hearts, pink flowers, big balloons and gobs of candy and chocolate. So, how will you and your children make the day special?

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At-home Valentine's Crafts

It's not necessary to spend a lot of money on Valentine's Day. Home-made festive cupcakes are easy. Simply add a marble in between the tin cup and the muffin wrapper - it will cause your muffin to bake with a little divet, and voila, you have a heart-shaped cupcake. Add some sprinkles or red food coloring and your cupcakes will be the stars (or should I say hearts) of the neighborhood!

Baking together in the kitchen is a good way to practice math skills and co-operation.There are helpful things that a child of any age can do. The younger ones can stir and pour, the older ones can crack eggs and help you measure. Don't forget to get them in on clean-up duty too. If you add lots of bubbles to the sink, doing dishes turns into fun.

Decorations can be as simple as finding red construction paper and teaching your children how to fold it in half, and cut out one side of the heart. When it opens up, you have a symmetrical heart. Ask your child what symmetrical means. Or even before you open up the construction paper, ask them what shape they think it will turn out to be. If you like to get really crafty, check out sites like Enchanted Learning, Amazing Moms or Kaboose for Valentine's Day ideas.

Valentine's Day in Lexington

There are a few events going on in the Lexington area, if you want to take your child out to a Valentine's Day themed party.

There is a Children's Valentine Tea at Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate on the 13th. Gymboree is having a Sweetheart party on the 14th. Adults are free and please take notice that Gymboree has moved to a new location on Old Harrodsburg Rd.  Champs is also having a laser tag and skating Valentine's Day Party. Prices vary.

Last but not least, you can simply spend the day together. Bundle up and go for a walk around your neighborhood or downtown and enjoy being in the company of those you love most - your children!


  • A. McKay 5 years ago

    Great ideas....Valentine's day crafts are perfect for working on fine motor skills in those little hands (cutting, pasting, coloring).

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