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Valentine’s Day for children: When is young love too young?

Valentine's Day mixed messages for kids
Courtesy of Keyseeker:

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, children are picking out Valentine’s Day cards, candy with messages etched into them and heart stickers for favorite teachers, fellow classmates, and that extra special friend.

We encourage our children to participate in demonstrating gestures of love and caring around this time every single year. Schools, who typically require uniforms, bend the rules for this day so there will be a sea of red shirts and blouses roaming the hallways.

Teachers send home lists of the names of your child’s classmates so no one is forgotten-- jilted love at any age is heartbreaking. The amount of Valentine’s your child receives broadcasts his or her popularity or lack there of. We teach our children to celebrate Love!

However, this is acceptable behavior for one day and one day only for young love. When adoration is an every day occurrence for those under the age of 13, we shun it and discourage such puppy love because the parties are just too young.

My 8-year-old, heartthrob of a son, has an admirer. He calls her his girlfriend. And she calls him on the telephone nearly every day. Her grandmother, who is old-school, discourages her granddaughter from receiving phone calls. However, no one seems to be monitoring the frequency of the many outgoing calls this young girl makes. So, what’s a mom of a mini Casanova brown to do? Screen calls…

Sure, they can play at recess and blush at one another in the hallways. They can exchange Valentine’s and candy, which her mom and I will certainly buy. But we don’t encourage young love when it’s too young-- for any day other than Valentine’s Day.

Boy are we sending our children mixed messages!

LEAVE A COMMENT: When do You think it's okay for your child to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

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