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Valentine's Day Food Swaps, Come Hither!

Valentine's Day Food Gets a Makeover!
Valentine's Day Food Gets a Makeover!

Oh, Valentine’s Day.

Regardless as to whether you’ll be taking a stroll down lover’s lane or crying your eyes out while watching The Notebook, you will likely be presented with loads of gluttonous goodies this Valentine’s Day. But hold it right there! Push those caramel-and-chocolate-drizzled-strawberry-studded crepes aside. Over-indulging on V-Day may leave you feeling worse than Bridget Jones the moment she caught Daniel Cleaver in the “act”.

So what’s a woman to do when you want to have your cake AND eat it too? Why, get creative of course!

I’ve come up with some healthy Valentine’s Day food swaps so you’re battling sugar-withdrawal come February 15th.

If all you can think about is throwing back a dozen chocolate truffles, why not invite your pals or significant other over and make a healthier alternative? Instead of using loads of butter and heavy cream, substitute coconut oil or coconut “cream”. Ditch the corn syrup and add some honey for sweetness. Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao), which bursts at the “cocoa” shell with antioxidants.

Do pink Valentine’s Day sugar cookies have you drooling to the point of dehydration? Well then, grab a glass of water and start baking your own! Swap out conventional white flour for coconut or almond flour and ditch the white sugar for coconut sugar. In order to bind the cookie without using eggs or butter, add a little chia or flax as well as coconut oil (I can look up more direction for this). As for making cookies the color of love, add a little shredded beet to the mix!

Is Chocolate covered fruit giving you “come hither” looks as you walk by every single bakery or food establishment’s window? Well, keep on walkin’…to the nearest grocery store that is! Pick up any fruit you love, be it bananas, strawberries, pears, apples, or butternut squash (yes, it’s a fruit!), just go crazy! After selecting your favorite fruits, pick up some yummy dark chocolate. As mentioned before, opt for dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cacao and contains no sugar. In addition to it’s powerful antioxidants, dark chocolate contains natural stimulants that produce a boost in both physical and brain energy. So, if you plan on having an extra-sexy evening, you might want to indulge in an extra serving. Hey, watching Ryan Gosling walk through the rain is classified as “sexy” in my Valentine’s Day book! In order to make your chocolate covered fruit, just melt chocolate with a little coconut oil over the stove, stirring frequently until melted. Use toothpicks to spear your fruit and dip into the chocolatey goodness, then set on wax paper to cool.

While we all know that food should not replace love, we now know that with a little imagination, healthy V-Day sweets can take the place of unhealthier ones! Now chuck that heart-shaped box of milk-chocolate-sugar-bombs you purchased at the drug store in the trash; It’s time to make love in your kitchen!

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