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Valentine's Day done locally, on a budget

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."  (Albert Einstein)
"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." (Albert Einstein)
Carla Miles

NOTE: With the local economy still in the midst of some serious doldrums, finding a way to celebrate what you do have and the one you do love actually may be more of a challenge this year. Here, however, are some local suggestions for those needing to budget money and/or time.

Even though the SanDiegoReader reports a "so-so" looking economic situation, don't resign your life to the same condition.

Free or cheaper options for local things to do:

1. Picnic at a local park or the nearby beaches. Just bring your own blanket, food, and enjoy the sunset. Park on the street so you do not have to pay, or take the Sprinter and just relax.

2. Want to Camp overnight? Camping information is provided at the California Parks website and you can check out the costs for San Diego County's nearby South Carlsbad SB for Beachfront and Inland.

3. Bowling: Vista Entertainment Center (Many daily deals)

(760) 941-1032 * 435 W. Vista Way

4. Miniature Golf/Arcade: Boomer's Valentine Sweetheart Deal - Valid to 2/28, $19.99 / each

(760) 945-9474 * 1525 W Vista Way, Vista

5. Skateboarding: Aura ($10/per person; you can spend the entire time they are open on that day.)

760.542.0232 * 1074 La Mirada Court

If you do not live in the area, and need a reason to come, lists the region of San Diego, CA as a popular area to visit.

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