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Valentine's Day desserts: Chocolate whoopie pie recipe with cream cheese filling

Intro: Need some ideas for Valentine's Day desserts? Why not go with a popular treat like a chocolate whoopie pie recipe with cream cheese filling? These yummy desserts can be as simple as combing your favorite chocolate cookie recipe with cream cheese icing. They make great V-Day desserts on their own or combine them with other Valentine's Day desserts like chocolate fondue or a chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe to make a dessert bar for V-Day.

Valentine's Day desserts: Chocolate whoopie pie recipe with cream cheese filling
seelensturm creative commons

How to Make Chocolate Whoopie Pies

There's plenty of recipes out there for this Valentine's Day dessert. I'm featuring three chocolate whoopie pie recipes in this article. One of them is in the video at the top of the screen. It is for a red velvet whoopie pie recipe.

My other recipes for these yummy desserts use either a chocolate chip cookie recipe or a chocolate cookie recipe.

Homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe

Homemade chocolate cookie recipe

You make the whoopie pie filling from a simple cream cheese icing.

Instructions for the Chocolate Whoopie Pie Recipes:

  1. To make chocolate whoopie pies, first bake the cookies according to the recipes and allow to cool.
  2. Pipe the cream cheese icing recipe onto half of the cookies.
  3. Top the cookies with a second cookie to make a sandwich. You can combine cookie types to make more interesting Valentine's Day cookie sandwiches such as peanut butter cookies and chocolate cookies or chocolate chip and chocolate cookies.
  4. Put the whoopie pies into the fridge to set.

Ideas for the Chocolate Whoopie Pie Recipe on Valentine's Day

If you have kids, you can make these easy Valentine's Day desserts for a classroom V-Day celebration. They're easy to make and pack and they provide a nice alternative to cookies on Valentine's Day.

Yummy Desserts on Valentine's Day for Grown-Ups

If you're making this chocolate whoopie pie recipe for your Valentine or for a group of adults, why not make a dessert bar for Valentine's Day?

Here are some ideas for your Valentine's Day desserts bar to go with the chocolate whoopie pies.

Chocolate covered pretzel recipes

Chocolate covered strawberry recipes

Easy chocolate fondue recipe (great to dip the easy chocolate whoopie pie recipe into! Yummy!)

Conversation heart sugar cookies

Chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe

Cream cheese fruit dip

And chocolate martinis to drink

Enjoy your Valentine's Day desserts and happy V-Day!

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