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Valentine's Day Date Night At Urban Art Bar

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get invited to Urban Art Bar (163 Old Colony Ave, Boston, MA 02127) in South Boston. It's not in the most scenic area of the city, but luckily there is plenty of on-street parking to choose from. And of course once you walk in in the door you instantly realize why this place is packed every night. There is art everywhere - on bottles, on canvases and even all over the walls! The room opens up to a larger room with seating room for approximately 50 people -- all equipped with their own painting station including a canvas, a palate of paint and 5 brushes.

A fabulous night out painting and drinking at Boston's own Urban Art Bar!
Caitlin Gambee

As the art nerd that I am I made sure to get my date (my cousin Elizabeth) and myself a front row seat! We were setting out to tackle the painting "Snow Day" which has been very fitting of the weather along with the guidance of our teacher Renee. She lead the class by showing us step by step how to paint each portion of the painting - and of course encouraging us to just have fun, don't stress and put our own artistic twist on it!

And if only we had something to get those creative juices flowing...

It's not called Urban Art BAR for nothing! They have a fully stocked bar of beer, wine, liquor and cider too! Their cocktail and martini menu is phenomenal and offer up all sorts of creative potions! I got a drink and just as Renee said it immediately awoke the Picasso in me. We laughed and had a blast - and (better yet!) stopped worrying about creating a perfect painting! It was so much fun and completely refreshing to shake up my typical night out. Instead of yelling across a crowded bar I was able to try something new and get a great souvenir to boot!

As I type, I am looking at my painting which is proudly hanging in my apartment! As for the cost of things - it's $45 for all the painting supplies and the instruction. Drinks range from about $5 to $12. All in all much more fun -- and no more than you might spend on a typical night out at the bars!

... a perfect date night perhaps -- seeing that a certain holiday is almost here! For more information visit

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