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Valentine’s Day Crafts: Sweet Mice Valentines

Cute character toys are popular presents on Valentine's Day.
Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Arts and crafts are important activities for children to take part in. Doing arts and crafts helps people improve motor skills, strengthens self-efficacy, and promotes creativity. Many schools are cutting back on arts and crafts classes but homeschooled children can include these endeavors into their curriculum. Holidays like Valentine’s Day inspire lots of crafts that are fun for kids of all ages to do. Although many crafts are geared toward little kids some, like the “Sweet Mice Valentines,” are perfect for older children.


• Chocolate kisses
• Card stock paper (pink and yellow)
• Tiny googly eyes
• Gray yarn
• Scissors
• Tacky glue
• A pen


1. Draw a heart onto the pink pieces of paper. Also draw little mouse feet on the paper (examples seen in the video linked below).
2. Cut out the shapes you have drawn.
3. Fold the feet in half and then unfold them so they have a crease in the center.
4. Glue the feet to the bottom of a kiss.
5. Glue the heart to the bottom of another kiss. The rounded top of the heart should be considered the “top” of the kiss.
6. Glue the kisses together so the feet look like they are on the ground and the ears look like they are in the air (see linked video for visual reference).
7. Add googly eyes.
8. Add a line of glue along the bottom of the back kiss and add a piece of gray yarn to represent a tail.
9. Take the yellow cardstock and cut a triangle out of it that is at least three times bigger than the mouse figure. This yellow triangle represent a piece of cheese.
10. Glue the mouse to the cheese.
11. Take your pen and write a Valentine’s message on the cheese.

Most importantly...

12. Give the mouse Valentine to someone special!

Note: If you have both red and pink cardstock you can make a set of two mouse Valentines.

To see the tutorial for this project click here:

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