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Valentine’s Day Crafts: String Heart Necklace

Large heart necklaces can be a fashion statement even on runways!
Photo by Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love; it’s also a time to see red heart decorations everywhere! Red hearts, Cupid decorations, and heart-shaped-boxes have become staples of the most romantic holiday on the calendar. Valentine’s Day is a time of year to see lots of cute decorations and many of these decorations can be made easily and inexpensively. For children, making such crafts is a great way to familiarize themselves with both art and their own imaginations and this is especially important for homeschooled children. Making art fun and interesting is key to getting kids interested in crafting and the wearable “string hearts” project is sure to get kid’s attention!


• A plastic candy tray (the kind used for chocolate molds) in the shape of hearts.
• Liquid starch
• Embroidery floss (preferably red or pink)
• A bowl
• Clear glue (not hot glue or glue sticks)
• Twine


1. Put some liquid starch in a bowl and soak the embroidery floss in it. Note that the embroidery floss must be carefully unstrung before being placed in the bowl of starch or else it will tangle and be difficult to work with later.
2. Carefully take the soaking string out of the bowl and place it in one of the heart molds. Try and stick the string to the bottom of the mold so that it adheres a bit to the plastic. Also try to remove some of the liquid starch as you take the string out of the bowl so there is not a huge pool of liquid in the mold.
3. Let the strings dry in the heart molds for a few hours.
4. When they are dry, pop the string hearts out of the candy molds.
5. Take the clear-dry glue and put it on the edges on each heart.
6. Attach one heart to another so the two half hearts become one full heart.
7. Let dry.
8. When dry, cut a piece of twine and put it through the sides of the heart.
9. Hang up the string heart or wear it as a necklace!

To see the full tutorial for this project click here:

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