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Valentine’s Day Crafts: Ribbon Rose

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and show those who are close to you appreciation with small token gifts. The most common and popular kinds of Valentine’s Day presents are chocolate-filled heart-shaped boxes, flowers and cards. Other gifts can be self-made and those do-it-yourself projects are an excellent way to give someone special a personalized gift or simply create a beautiful decoration for your home. Children can do many of the arts and crafts associated with Valentine’s Day and, for the homeschooled, such activities can be a way to become familiarized with arts and crafts. The “Ribbon Rose” project is just such an endeavor.

Flowers are classic gifts on Valentine's Day.
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images


• Ribbon (7/8” x 22” inches, fabric, and a Valentine’s Day color like red or pink)
• Scissors
• Stem wire
• Floral Tape (green)
• Ruler


1. Fold one end of the wire stem about a half an inch.
2. Hook the stem onto the ribbon.
3. Twist the stem clockwise (right) three or four times thus wrapping the ribbon around the wire.
4. Fold the ribbon back and twist counter-clockwise (left) making sure to tighten the fabric as you twist.
5. Continue this process until the ribbon is mostly all wrapped around the wire stem.
6. Leave approximately 1.5” inches of ribbon free and twist that clock-wise (right) and fold it down toward the stem.
7. Adjust the rose to your liking.
8. Tightly secure the end trail of the ribbon to the steam with floral tape.
9. Wrap the green floral tape all down the wire stem so the color is the same as a real rose stem.
10. Give the rose to someone special or put it on display where you can admire it.

To see the tutorial for this project click here:


The video embedded in this article is a BONUS video that also shows how to create ribbon (or fabric) roses.

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