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Valentine’s Day Crafts: Resin Pigment Heart

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, a holiday that is intended to celebrate love and affection. Valentine’s Day is a great time to give gifts to loved ones and gifts that are made by your own hands are even more special. There are many Valentine’s Day themed arts and crafts that children can enjoy too. For homeschooled individuals, such projects are a great way to incorporate the art into their education. One of the more unusual Valentine’s Day arts and crafts that is a perfect project for older children is the “Resin Pigment Heart.”

Hearts, whether cardboard or resin, are always suitable around February 14th.
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images


• Resin
• Measuring cup
• Mixing tool (wood popsicle sticks will work)
• Heart shaped plastic molds (like those used for chocolates)
• Vaseline
• Pigment powers (preferably Valentine’s Day colors like red, pink, and purple and maybe some gold and silver)
• Clear nail polish


1. Lightly coat the heart molds with vaseline (and coat the top part of the molds too, just to avoid sticking in the case of dripping resin).
2. Pour the resin into each heart mold.
3. Pour a little bit of every color pigment into the resin that is sitting in the heart molds.
4. Mix the pigment and the resin with a stick carefully.
5. Let the mixture sit and dry for at least 12 hours.
6. Pop the resin heart out of the mold.
7. Rub the resin heart with a towel to wipe away any vaseline that might be on it (the vaseline will cloud the resin’s color).
8. Place a coat of clear nail polish on top of the resin heart to give it a shiny finish that will make the pigment colors pop.
9. Give the resin heart as a gift to someone special!

To see the tutorial for this project, click here:


Embedded in this article is a BONUS video about how to use resin to make jewelry!

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