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Valentine’s Day Crafts: Lollipop Flower

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love; it is also a holiday that is strongly associated with candy. Chocolates that come in heart-shaped boxes are, by far, the most popular treats on February 14th but hard candies and lollipops can also come in an array of Valentine’s Day themes. Young children are taught to appreciate Valentine’s Day from a young age and many parents give their children gifts this time of year. There are many crafts that can be created as Valentine’s Day presents and some crafts—like the lollipop flower—include candy! This delicious treat is cute, easy to do and inexpensive, plus it makes a great gift! Plus, for homeschooling families, it’s a great idea for an art lesson.

Heart shaped lollipops are everywhere this season.
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images


• Lollipops
• A Pen
• Scissors
• Construction Paper
• Cellophane (optional)
• Hole puncher
• Green ribbon
• Tape
• Pencil


1. Draw a basic template of a flower onto a piece of construction paper.
2. Stack a few pieces of construction paper together and cut them all at once in the shape of the flower.
3. Punch a hole through the middle of every flower shape.
4. Stack a few pieces of paper on top of each other and turn them so that each leaf overlaps the other and creates a circular effect.
5. Optional—put red cellophane over your lollipop if the lollipop packaging is not already Valentine’s Day themed.
6. Insert the stick of the lollipop into each petal shape.
7. When all the petal shapes are on the lollipop stick, roll the ends of each petal against the pencil so that they curl.
8. Turn over the lollipop and add green ribbon at the base of the construction paper so that they will not slip off the lollipop.
9. Tie the green ribbon tightly and, using the pencil or a scissors, curl its edge.
10. Give your lollipop flower to someone special!

To see the tutorial for this project click here:

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