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Valentine’s Day Crafts: Heart Tree

This cute teddy bear tree could be appropriate for Valentine's Day as well as Christmas!
Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love and affection. It is often associated with flowers, candy and heart-shaped boxes. Yet valentine’s Day is also a holiday that inspires a lot of cute crafts and many of them can be created by children. Kids who are homeschooled can use craft tutorials as a means of meeting their art class credits and it’s also a great way to have fun and get in touch with your creative side. Although Valentine’s Day is not associated with Santa, there are ways to bring the magic of Christmas to the romantic day of the year—such as the “Heart Tree” project.


• Styrofoam cone (the cone can also be made out of poster board if need be)
• Scrapbook paper (Valentine’s Day colors preferred)
• A heart-shaped hole puncher
• Hot glue gun
• A toothpick
• Scissors
• Glitter (optional)


1. Punch several hearts out of each color paper with the heart-shaped hole puncher.
2. Form different piles, one for each color of hearts.
3. Starting at the bottom of the cone, apply hot glue to a certain section.
4. Start placing all of one color heart along the bottom of the cone.
5. Repeat the process all the way up the cone alternating the colors on each row (example: red, white, pink; red, white, pink; red, white, pink; etc.).
6. When the cone is completely covered it’s time to make a topper for the tree. Take two remaining hearts and sandwich a toothpick between them. Then glue them together.
7. Cut a small hole at the top of the cone and stick the topper on.
8. An optional step it to add glitter all over the topper heart to draw more attention to the tree.
9. Let it all dry.
10. Give the tree to someone special or display it as a decoration in your home!

To see the tutorial for the project click here:

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