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Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart Wreath

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love. Although often linked to romantic love, Valentine’s Day can also be a reason to give cards and candy and little token gifts to everyone you care about—including parents and siblings. Hence, it is a wonderful holiday for children to make present-intended crafts for. Families who homeschool should consider Valentine’s Day crafts to be an excellent opportunity to add art into their child’s curriculum. The simple heart wreath is an excellent example of a craft that can be created even by small children.

Heart-shaped wreaths are very eye catching and fun to make.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images


• Card stock paper (preferably a Valentine’s Day color like red or pink)
• Scissors
• A ruler
• Tacky glue
• Paperclips
• Hole puncher
• Ribbon


1. Cut six strips of red card stock an inch and a quarter wide and 12 inches long.
2. Bend each strip in half and curl the ends around then let them unfold.
3. Apply a little bit of tacky glue on the end of each side of every strip and make the ends meet together in the center, forming a heart shape.
4. Press the glued pieces together so they stick and add a paperclip on top of them to ensure that they do not separate before they fully dry.
5. Once the glue is dried, remove the paperclips.
6. Arrange the little heart shapes into a circle pattern.
7. Glue each of the edges of the hearts so the circle of hearts is fused together.
8. Let dry.
9. When the wreath is completely dry punch two holes on each side of two hearts that will become the “top” of the wreath (so four holes in all).
10. Put a string through the holes and tie it at the top.
11. Hang up the wreath of hearts or give it as a gift.

To see the full tutorial for this craft click here:


See the article above for a BONUS wreath video involving candy!

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