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Valentine’s Day Craft: Felt Fortune Cookie

Valentine’s Day is a great reason to share homemade gifts with loved ones. Showing heartfelt appreciation in this way makes those closest to you feel extra special. One of the quirkiest yet cutest ideas for a Valentine’s Day craft is making felt fortune cookies that can be cherished for years.

Fortune cookies can be romantic with some Valentine's Day themed crafting!
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images


• Felt (preferably Valentine’s Day colors like red and pink)
• Ribbon (same colors as the felt)
• A round object to use as a stencil (a candle or cup would do)
• A pen or a pencil
• Scissors
• Strips of white paper (like those found in real fortune cookies)
• Glue gun
• Floral wire
• Wire cutters


1. Draw circles onto the felt, as many as will fit on each sheet.
2. Cut out the felt circles.
3. Take the floral wire and measure it against the felt circle and then cut a piece of the floral wire that is slightly smaller than the circle.
4. Using the glue gun, glue the floral wire in the center of the circle.
5. Glue a strip of ribbon, the same color as the felt, on top of the floral wire so the wire is hidden.
6. Fold the felt in half and glue the edges together and leave a slight non-glued opening on the side to fit in the fortune.
7. Push the felt into a fortune cookie shape (as demonstrated in the video attached to the article).
8. Write a fortune on a white strip of paper and place the paper inside the cookie.
9. Give the felt fortune cookie to someone special!

There are numerous ways to do this same project. To get an idea of exactly how to bend the felt into a fortune cookie design watch the video attached to this article.

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