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Valentine’s Day Craft: Customized Picture Frame

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching now is the time to add some artwork into your homeschooled kids curriculums! One excellent idea for a Valentine’s Day gift is to make a customizable picture frame and give it to a loved one with a special picture already in it.

Valentine's Day provides lots of chances to craft!
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images


• A wood frame
• Scrapbooking paper (Valentine’s-Day-themed if possible)
• Modge Podge
• A brush (sponge tipped ones are fine)
• Paint (optional, used if you want to paint the wood frame before adding the paper)


1. Put the wood frame on a flat surface with the front part facing up.
2. Place scrapbooking paper on top of the wood frame.
3. Trace where you need to cut the paper so that it encases the frame’s edges but leaves an empty space in the middle to fit a picture.
4. Cut out the properly traced paper.
5. Spread some modge podge on the wood frame with your brush.
6. Put the paper on top of the modge podged frame and press it down until the paper adheres to the wood.
7. Let the frame dry for about an hour and then add another layer of modge podge (and make sure to cover the edges so the paper won’t peel.
8. Let the frame dry completely (about 2-3 hours to be sure).
9. Add your picture.
10. Give the customized frame to your Valentine!

To see the tutorial click here:


Check out the video embedded in this article for a BONUS picture frame craft video!

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