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Valentine’s Day Craft: 3D Heart Decoration

With Valentine’s Day arriving on February 14th now is the time to prepare for it by crafting lots of cute and cost effective decorations. For homeschooled children this is also a great way to add art into the curriculum. Best of all, these crafts can also be given as gifts to someone special! The “3D Heart” decoration is an excellent example of such a project.

Apparently humans are not the only creatures who celebrate Valentine's Day!
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


• Construction paper (red, pink and purple preferred)
• White paper doily in the shape of a heart
• Scissors
• Glue stick (this glue dries far faster than Elmer’s wet glue)
• A string or ribbon


1. Place 3-16 pieces of construction paper on top of each other and fold them in half.
2. Cut the paper into a half-heart shape at the crease (so when the paper opens it will be a full heart shape).
3. Sort out the paper by color.
4. Glue the hearts together on one side. So, if you have a pink heart and a purple heart glue one side of the pink to one side of the purple. Repeat this process until all pieces are matched.
5. Place a white doily in the middle of each separate heart.
6. Add a string to the top of the finished project.
7. Hang up the decoration or give it to someone special.

To see this project’s tutorial click here:

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