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Valentine's Day celebration for teachers

Teachers can celebrate the day with homemade chocolate candies!
Teachers can celebrate the day with homemade chocolate candies!
© 2014 Suzanne Brodsky

No glue. No scissors. No paper on the floor to clean up. Valentine’s Day may have its ups and downs in the classroom, but teachers are entitled to treat themselves to a little decadent indulgence once a year, too. If your school has never celebrated Valentine’s Day for the staff before, why not consider having a “Chocolate Day” in the teacher’s lounge?

Even if your school didn’t take advantage of this heartwarming holiday on February 14, your staff could still have a “Chocolate Day” any time of the year. Each staff member either makes or buys a special chocolate treat. For instance, a homemade chocolate cake with a cool whip topping and banana filling is just the right item to share with your co-workers. If you prefer white chocolate, try making rice crispy treats dipped in pink or red chocolate and decorated with a matching color. If you like to make savory dishes, dips are always appreciated. This includes spinach, artichoke and clam dip. You might even try a version of bacon, lettuce and tomato dip with guacamole to spice things up a bit. Make sure to bring in crackers or gourmet bread to serve with it.

After everyone has decided on the dish they will bring, pick a day to share all of these delicacies with each other in the teacher’s lounge. On the day of the event, cover the table(s) with pink or white tablecloths. Bring in some festive napkins and party plates. Everyone can leave his or her gourmet concoction in the lounge at the start of the day. You may want to leave a few dishes in the main office or in your room until you are ready to serve it. Since teachers all have lunch at different times, it is nice to save a few dishes for later in the day. This way, those who have a late lunch will be assured that they will still be able to participate in and enjoy the festivities.

Celebrations like this one are a nice way for the teachers in your school to come together and create a common bond. It is a wonderful way to show off your cooking skills and provide you something interesting to discuss with your co-workers. Just don’t wait too long before choosing the delicacy you’d like to try, or else you might not get that last chocolate truffle!