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Valentine's Day Caribbean Romance Specials Part 3



  • Bobbi Leder - Houston Dogs Examiner 6 years ago

    I remember taking the rafting trip in Jamaica. All of these places sound amazing. Here I go to check out even more....thank you!

  • Billie 6 years ago

    These are so tempting.

  • Ted Nelson 6 years ago

    These are all so tempting. Not sure which one appeals the most.

  • Debbra Brouillette 6 years ago

    There are some great choices here... Nevis, Bequia, St. Lucia (love the La Haut Resort pic with the view of the Pitons)...ah... I could be happy at several of these.

  • Carol Hilker 6 years ago

    I think this article is amazing. It gives great options at some fantastic and exotic destinations with various price ranges.

  • nance 6 years ago

    wow - what a great article with tons of very useful information. thanks.

  • Kenneth 6 years ago

    What a great aarticle. Pics are gorgeous.

  • Marc 6 years ago

    Hey, i have a question. When is VD this year? Want to make sure to send something special to the ex. :-) Very very thorough article by the way, which i actually read completely!!

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