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Valentine's Day bucket list pinning for Pinterest

Use Pinterest to pin fun stuff for Valentine's Day.
(Internet Fair Use/Screenshot from Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

Pinterest users have already seen the cute puppies, infographics, inspirational quotes, and arts and crafts. According to Mediabistro, 81 percent of women consider Pinterest a reliable source for information and advice. The demographic ages 35 to 54 are tied at 45 percent for both Facebook and Pinterest usage, and Twitter trails close behind at 43 percent. Twitter is dominating the crowd ages 18 to 34 with 33 percent followed by 32 percent on Pinterest and 20 percent on Facebook.

But Pinterest has something that other social media sites (including Tumblr and Instagram) don't have regardless of the users' ages: a one-stop shop to organized visuals.

And even though Pinterest is great for tips, how often is it used as advice to get to know your significant other? This year, try something new by making a bucket list for Valentine's Day.

Pinterest board meal: Both of you make Pinterest boards from other users' pins (or pin your own) of meals you'd like the other person to cook. When you're done pinning all of the meals you'd be interested in chowing down on during February 14, let your partner know so the both of you can go through the meal ideas and pick a couple. Whatever meal is chosen, that person has to buy groceries to make and prepare it.

Pinterest board outfits: Valentine's Day can be expensive, but many people purchase outfits for a night on the town. However, there are ways around buying new items. Both partners should pin the types of outfits that they'd love to see their partners in on Valentine's Day. Make sure to pick outer wear and inner wear. The other partner can either find something as close to this outfit in a closet or purchase that product. Instagram is more regularly used for posting selfies and family photos but if you want to pin a photo of something your partner has already worn, that works, too.

Pinterest board places: Chicago weather isn't encouraging people to want to go out for a night on the town, but if you're a cold weather person who can handle the range of six to 10 inches of snow and zero degree weather, have at it. Both partners pin locations in Chicago (or elsewhere) that they'd like to visit. Pin restaurants, museums, plays, movie theaters and any other place you enjoy hanging out in or have been meaning to visit. With Black History Month and Valentine's Day in the same month, some Chicago hot spots like the DuSable Museum are blending the two with events like "A.W.E.: The Art of Sensuality." Each partner can choose a place from the other's Pin board and cover the expenses.

Pinterest board gifts: Trying to guess what the other person wants can be fun for some and a headache for others. And sometimes one partner just doesn't have the income to purchase the item you want the most. Both partners should pin at least 20 items of various prices that they'd really like to receive on Valentine's Day. This way the other partner knows the color, make, fabric, price and location to purchase the item. Make sure to include links where to purchase these items instead of just random photo Google searches. Make sure re-pins go to the correct websites, too.

Pinterest board memories: Have you seen those childhood memory Pinterest boards with people reliving their days of playing with Cabbage Patch or Nintendo? Your turn. Pin quotes, foods, places, music videos and anything else that reminds you of when you two started dating, had an anniversary or just fun times in the relationship. Add pins at your leisure and make your deadline day February 13 so both of you can enjoy the other's pins the next day.

Pinterest board indoor activity: As much as you may want to get raunchy on Pinterest, try to keep it classy. For the most part, Pinterest is pretty good about keeping the site family friendly so if the board is edgier make it private and invite your partner as a guest. Think of something fun to do indoors once you two come in from a night on the town. And if you both choose to stay indoors for Valentine's Day, think of activities to do that you haven't already done. Pin an old-school board game or making cheese or chocolate fondue or even Sexy Truth or Dare.

You two can choose how many indoor activities you want to do before you end the night pinning each other.

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