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Valentine's Day at Amelie's

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Valentine’s Day is almost here! Traditionally, the stores are filling their shelves with pink and red wrapped hard candies, heart shaped boxed chocolates, and candy hearts with words like, love, kiss me, and I love you engraved on them. Fresh cut flowers are being placed in plastic vases with balloons attached and delivered to spouses and girlfriends at their place of work, making their single co-workers feel envious. Restaurants are preparing for the Valentine’s Day crowd and hustlers stand on busy intersection corners waving handmade baskets filled with candies, plush teddy bears, and roses to sell to anyone willing to buy. You can almost smell the love in the air. So what do you have planned for this day of love? Are you looking for something new and exciting or is your work schedule unpredictable making planning impossible? Well, if you’re in the Charlotte area there is a wonderful little French bakery called Amelie’s. Come taste the land of France! They are open 24 hours 7 days a week and sell homemade pastries like Croque-en-bouche, which is cream puffs filled with pastry cream, attached in a cone, shape with caramel and covered in spun caramel. Wash it down with Amélie's Signature Sipping Chocolate, which is Amelies dark chocolate ganache infused with a seasonal blend of flavors, paired with steamed milk. Délicieux! Get cozy and snuggle with your love on one of their plush couches and enjoy the authentic French décor. The atmosphere is really laid back and the staff is extremely friendly. They offer live music every Monday from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Take a tour of France without even leaving the city!

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2424 N Davidson St. Suite 102

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 376-1781