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Valentine's Day and your pets

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of love, spring around the corner, flowers and candy. For the most part, it is a fun holiday without much stress.

It is only natural when we think of love that we think of our pets. How can we share this holiday with our pets?

It goes without saying that your pet has no idea what Valentine’s Day is all about, but it also goes without saying that they will love any special time with you.

Here are some ideas about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pet.

1) Have a get together with friends who have dogs for a doggie play date. Be sure that all of the dogs know each other and get along.
2) Give your dog a beauty health spa treatment by going over your dog carefully, brushing their coat, massaging their body, bathing, cleaning teeth and ears, clipping nails and then giving them a special treat.
3) Have an extra long play session with your dog.
4) Go for a walk in a new area such as a park or a hike in the woods.
5) Take your dog for a ride if riding in the car is one of their favorite activities.
6) Buy your dog a new toy.
7) Teach your dog a new trick.

1) Buy your cat a new interactive toy.
2) Have a few play sessions with your cat during the day.
3) Sit quietly with your cat.
4) Teach your cat some new tricks. (You can clicker train your cat.)
5) Brush your cat’s fur.
6) Do whatever your cat enjoys.

Using the same ideas as above, you can make Valentine’s Day special for other pets such as birds, hamsters, and whatever other pet is part of your home.

While costumes are cute, most pets do not enjoy being dressed up. So I do not recommend this unless your pet is used to it and enjoys it.

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