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"Valentine's Day and Calvary"

20th Century Fox Photos of "Son of God" film - released nationwide February, 28, 2014
20th Century Fox Photos of "Son of God" film - released nationwide February, 28, 2014
20th Century Fox

Heart-shaped chocolates, red roses and dinner out still seem to be the tried and true way to woo a lady these days. And let's face it, Valentine's Day is largely geared toward the gals. The stores are packed with treats, gifts and goodies all beckoning to be bought by the faithful Husband or hopeful boyfriend who wouldn't dare miss the mark or this opportunity to bless his bride or beauty. If handled with care, the guys have potential to score big on this day. But what about all the singles out there and those too young or too old to care about such a notion? I believe this day can bless every heart, no matter how hard, lonely, old, young or uninterested it may be in such a holiday.

This day is ultimately about love and without love, the Bibles says, we have nothing. But you have something. I have something. Something big. Something real and something true. Not something that may fade sooner than the roses can wilt. We have the love of one who literally died for us. And frankly, whether you believe that or not, whether you've chosen this special one as your personal Savior or not, He still loves you. He loved us and died for us while we were yet still sinners. Still on the fence or still flat out rebellious against him, he didn't care. He carried the cross that he would later be mounted on to bloody death. For all of us, he died, and rose again.

He did it all so we could have eternal life. So we could also have peace here and now, as we walk and talk with him this side of heaven, he laid down his life. Though Christ handled the day he met Calvary with great care, he didn't do it because he knew he would score big the way flower buying fellas have in mind. He did it for the joy set before him. That joy was us. The only score he was looking for was a family.

While Valentine's Day and Calvary may not seem like appropriate pairings, when a holiday centered around love comes along, this place just outside of Jerusalem's walls where Jesus was crucified is one of the first places I think of, not my favorite restaurant. No one should feel alone or lonely on this day if open hearts will behold the beauty of a Savior named Jesus. Son of God and Son of Man. He's the Lord of Lords and the great I AM. He is the lover of my soul and the lifter of my head. When they left him for dead, he rose instead and he's coming again soon to deliver from doom. The greatest story ever told will again unfold ... in hearts and lives and on movie screens nationwide.

On February 28, 2014 the film, "Son of God," will be released all over the country. I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of seeing an advanced leader's screening several weeks ago alongside Producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. This film is more than just a well made movie, it is a gift to the faith community and can have the type of impact that led me to devote my life's work to creative story-telling for higher purposes. This film is sure to inspire, challenge and change hearts and minds.

Not since "Passion" have we had this kind of opportunity to share Christ through main stream media. Let us not miss the mark, nor the opportunity to bless the bride of Christ and those beautiful people who don't yet know him. Whether you are intimidated to share your faith or not, we all can help introduce (or reintroduce) people to Jesus with ease by helping spread the word and buying tickets to this cinematic epistle.

The cinematography captured the story of Jesus' complete life with masterful shots throughout Morocco. The score by Hans Zimmer and use of light and shadow further the story with flavorful finesse and insightful genius. The acting by many professionals who are unknown in America will not disappoint and the directing brings this 2000 year old tale to life once again.

This Valentine's Day, remember who loves you more than any other and make it a date night with him next weekend at the movies.

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