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Valentine's Day: All you need is love

Valentine's cards made with love!
Valentine's cards made with love!
Paula Toft

As we are all aware, Valentine's Day is this Sunday, the fourteenth of February.  We are reminded of this day from the moment that Christmas is over.  The shelves are cleared of twinkle lights and out come the Valentine's cards, candies and gifts.

But, maybe this year try to think of Valentine's Day different and start a new tradition in your family.  Consider Valentine's Day for what it truly is, a day of love.  Instead of celebrating another, "Hallmark Holiday," celebrate the love of family.  By doing this you will be teaching your children that not every holiday is about getting "stuff."

You could begin the day with a special breakfast or spend the afternoon making heart shaped sugar cookies and decorating them.

Have each child make a card for someone in your family and then have them write why they love that person.  If you have young children ask them and then write down their response.  You will get a kick out of what they say and these are the kind of things that you will want to keep forever.  Use construction paper or go to DLTK'S for free printable cards.

Write a letter to your child, telling them why you love them and then read it to them. Look at all those pictures you have stored on the computer together, find special ones of when they were little and tell a story about it, (kids love this!)

If you are wanting to get out of the house, how about taking in a show at your local theater or do some bowling.

You will be giving your children the gift of an undisturbed afternoon of your attention.  All of the stuff will disappear, but the memories they have, will not.

Our children's love is only innocent for a short while, so embrace it while you can.  Show them that love can be pure and innocent and most of all unconditional.


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