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Valentine’s Day aftermath: Infidelity signs that turn up after Valentine’s Day

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There are several signs of infidelity that typically show up AFTER Valentine’s Day, if you have a cheating spouse or significant other.

As the final article in my 11th Annual Valentine’s Day Infidelity Awareness Campaign, I’ve listed some post-Valentine’s Day signs of infidelity which can help you confirm the existence of an affair, if you have a cheating mate. Knowing what to look for is the key.

NOTE: To read the other Valentine’s Day infidelity articles, visit my National Infidelity column at or scroll down to the list at the end of this article.

Signs of Infidelity that Show up AFTER Valentine’s Day

  • A hidden gift discovered before Valentine’s Day that has disappeared, but wasn’t given to you.
  • Receipts for the purchase of 2 identical gifts. (If he bought 2 heart-shaped diamond pendants and you got one, who did he give the other one to?)
  • Receipts or credit card statements for candy, flowers, jewelry, lingerie you didn’t personally receive. (Who got $175 worth of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret?)
  • Sales receipts, charge slips or credit card statements for gifts that don’t correspond with the gift he gave you. (If you got flowers and candy, who did he give jewelry to?
  • A thank you note or e-mail to or from your spouse for a Valentine’s Day gift you know nothing about.
  • Gifts of a personal nature, like jewelry or lingerie, that suddenly appear after Valentine’s Day, which she attempts to pass off as items she purchased for herself. ( Ask her to show you the sales receipt for that bracelet she’s suddenly been wearing everyday.)
  • Restaurant receipts or charge slips dated February 13th,14th,15th showing meals for two that didn’t include you.
  • Credit card receipts for a hotel stay dated the day before, the day after, or on Valentine’s Day. (Does the time stamp correspond with the time your spouse or significant other was missing in action?)
  • Phone bills or cell phone logs showing suspicious calls made early morning or late evening on Valentine’s Day.

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Never Confront a Cheater without Proof

If you if you find one or more of the infidelity signs above, it’s important not to confront your cheating spouse or significant other unless you have additional proof that he or she is having an affair.

You need to build a solid case before confronting the cheater so you will not be thrown off base by the lies the cheater will inevitably tell. See How to Get a Cheater to Tell You the Truth about His Affair and 9 Reasons a Cheater Will Lie About His Affair

If you’re trying to build an airtight case against the cheater, a good infidelity book can help. See The Best Investment You Can Make in Your Relationship for 2014

Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs covers practically every known sign of infidelity -- including the subtle signs most people usually overlook. Despite the title most of signs in the book apply to both cheating woman and cheating men. The e-book version of Is He Cheating on You? comes with a bonus section containing questionnaires, special infidelity reports and affair recovery information for both the cheater and the betrayed mate. It can be ordered from

Other Tips on Catching a Cheating Valentine

This is the final article in the Valentine’s Day infidelity article blitz associated with my 11th Annual Valentine’s Day Infidelity Awareness Campaign.

For other articles on this topic visit my National Infidelity column at or scroll down to the list below.

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