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Valentine’s Day 2014: Unique Valentine’s Day ideas for your love

Love monsters on the loose!
Love monsters on the loose!

The countdown to Valentine’s Day 2014 is approaching the quickly, so get those Valentine’s Day ideas together and get your lips all puckered up! While a winter storm is heading up the eastern seaboard of America, Valentine’s Day is sure to keep your hearts warm.

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So what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Any fun ideas for our young and young at heart readers? Well, sit back and read about some pretty unique ideas for the perfect 2014 Valentine’s Day.

  • Cook- I know, I know. You don’t want to cook a meal and worry about dishes. Make a game out of it. Cook a few little appetizers that put a blindfold on your fellow (or gal!). Let the smell the aroma the give them a little nibble. It’s a fun way to revive the flirting of years gone by.
  • Star gaze- It probably won’t be as romantic as the movies, but it can be fun. Take a blanket and a couple bottles of water (or a thermos of hot chocolate) and look up at the stars. It can be very relaxing and it is completely free!
  • Play hide and seek- not the kid version where you have to crawl under the table and pray that a sneeze won’t pop out. Write a little love note and put it somewhere that your love will find later in the day (a lunch bag, pocket or briefcase). Those letters of your true feelings can be more valuable that than a truck full of gold bars.
  • Act like kids- Make a dinner of macaroni and cheese with ham or hot dogs. Comfort food has a way of making the heart grow a little softer. Pop in a silly movie where the prince carries the princess off on a dashing white horse at the end. Being silly can be an innocent form of flirting!

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Make your 2014 Valentine’s Day unique with silly ideas that are unique and cheap. Love is definitely in the air, make sure to keep spreading the love and smiles.

Stay safe, have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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