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Valentine’s Day 2014 featuring Winter Storm Pax, couples, families and singles

You can celebrate Valentine's Day regardless of your marital status.
You can celebrate Valentine's Day regardless of your marital status.

Tomorrow is February 14, 2014 or Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Winter Storm Pax, many people may have to change their plans. The writer’s annual Valentine’s Day article will not only give you a peace of mind but save your money. So check out these tips and remember whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is for you too.

1) Your marital status is irrelevant: If you are in a relationship, good for you. Make sure you cherish your significant other every day and not just on special occasions. If you are single or just coming out of a breakup, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day also. You can do things to love on yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, movie, a meal, a new pair of shoes, and outfit. Make sure you show love to yourself.

2) Pax has impacted everyone’s Valentine’s Day plans: If you planned to go out for Valentine’s Day you need to do a few things before venturing out. If Maryland is under a state of emergency, your date is no longer essential. Call your restaurant to make sure it is open. Avoid parking on the street and check to see if nearby garages are open. Valet is also an option. If you planned to have something delivered, call the delivery company to make sure the delivery is still taking place. You may also have to change the delivery address.

3) Use this free time to reconnect with family and friends: Since many people are off from school and work, use this time to call and connect with people. Your phone call could brighten up someone’s otherwise dull day. Make sure you keep your phone and other devices charged because this could be an all-day activity.

4) You can postpone your activity to another day: As ideal as it would be to be out tomorrow, you can postpone your activity. Many restaurants will be extending their specials due to the storm. Also you will not have to face big crowds.

5) Make your own meal: Nothing says I love you like a home cooked meal. You can make a meal for your family, friends or significant other. You can do together which will make it less work for you. Cooking a meal together ensures a great meal and quality time spent together.

6) Eat as a group: You can go out to eat (once the snow stops falling) as a group. You can go with family, friends, other couples and more. Instead of having many reservations, you can have one with the people you love most.

7) It does not have to be dinner: You can eat breakfast, brunch, happy hour or a late night dinner with your loved one(s). Dinner would be ideal but since it may be crowded, you can avoid crowds by eating at a different time.

8) President’s Day is Monday: This is a super long weekend for some people. In that case, you can spread out your Valentine’s Day activities and also rest,

9) Do something nice for someone else: One great expression of love is to do something nice for someone else. During the storm you can help someone clean off their car, shovel snow, pour down salt and more. You can treat someone to a meal. You can take them out or offer to cook for them. Also think of those who are grieving, have a solider overseas, or who are less fortunate. Make an effort to do good to someone else.

10) Have fun: Whatever you decide to do make sure you have fun. There is no reason to be stressed out or sad for one day. Make the best of this day and know that the world is better off because you are here. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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