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Valentine Party Game: Be My Spy Valentine

Looking for a new game idea for your children’s Valentine party. Try Be My Spy Valentine. Using Valentine conversation candies you can create a secret code. It’s fun and easy, requiring little preparation on your part.

Use Conversation Candies to Create a Secret Code for Lots of Party Fun
Charles Huff

What you will need:

Large bags of conversation hearts or make your own (view video for instructions)

Colored paper

Black Markers

Glue sticks

How to play:

Divided your party guest into teams of no more than six players. Give each team a bag of conversation hearts and one sheet of lined paper and a marker. Give each player a sheet of colored paper.

Usually, there are more than 26 sayings to choose from in a bag of conversation hearts. Using a black marker write the letters of the alphabet on paper. Space the letters out so there is room to place one candy under each letter without crowding. Matching one saying for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet glue them to the paper to create a key to spell words. Just like spies, party guests can have fun creating their own secret codes. Each team member uses the key they designed as a guide to creating messages.

Example: cool= L, text me= O, hug me= V, Awesome= E. The player would need to find those mottos to create the word LOVE.

Have each team member create a coded message. Small children can create a word while older children an entire sentence. Glue the code to the color paper. Once each team has completed the task, pass the messages and key codes to one of the other teams. Then set a timer. (Based on the age of the party goers and their spelling skill levels, giving more time if needed.) The team that deciphers the most messages in the allotted time wins.

A variation of this game

The parents can create the key code in advance as well as the messages. Each messages would contain a specific instruction for the team to act out. For example: Jump in place or sing a love song. Timing is an option. The fun is in performing the tasks.

Scavenger hunt: Create the key in advance and take a picture of it. Repeat for each team. Using the key, make a list of items for the group to find with the conversation candies. They must first decode the list before going on their hunt. You might want to make one key and one list from the candies then take a picture of these and give copies to each team.

What games and crafts do you like to make with these conversation candies?

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