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Valentine movement game for children

Valentine's Day motivates children to move
Valentine's Day motivates children to move

A fun Valentine game we call "Steal My Heart" is a spin on the traditional game called "Steal the Bacon." This is an active game for a medium to large group of children and is perfect to play at a Valentine party. Materials to gather are masking tape and the "heart" (this can be a heart pillow, an empty candy box shaped like a heart, or a heart made from poster board approximately 6 - 8 inches or larger).

Create the game space by placing masking tape on the floor: make 2 parallel tape lines across from each other with a 12 foot space in between.

Children should be divided into 2 teams and each team assigned a tape line. Team members stand on their tape line facing the other team. Each team member counts off beginning with the number "1". Have both number "1's, 2's, 3's, etc." on each team stand across from each other.

The leader places the "heart" in the open space between the two teams and calls out a number. The players on each team who have the called number run in and try to steal the "heart." The object of the game is to "steal the heart," carry it across their own teams tape line without being tagged by the other team's player, and earn a point. If tagged before the "heart" is carried over the team tape line, the player must return the "heart" to the center of the open space, no point is earned and the game begins again. Repeat this process until all players have had several turns. The team with the most points is the winner.