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Valentine Mousse and Family Fun Obstacle Course

Healthy Recipe and Family Fun Activity
Healthy Recipe and Family Fun Activity
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Healthy Recipe

Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of chocolates and romance for many. This is definitely a way to sabotage those New Year resolutions to eat healthy, if you have made it this far. Well, if your heart’s desire is for a chocolate strawberry delight, I have a recipe that will fit the bill and is heart healthy as well.

Chocolate Strawberry Mousse


½ avocado
2 bananas frozen
½ cup to cup of fresh or thawed strawberries
Chocolate chips/ syrup
8 oz water or 8 oz coconut milk/almond milk for a creamier texture

Add all ingredients to a high speed blender. For best results add non frozen items to the blender first. Blend until you have the desired consistency, you may add more or less water. Drizzle with chocolate syrup and enjoy.

This is a healthier alternative to a dairy based ice creams and is lower in processed sugars but still delicious and fulfills that chocolate craving. It also celebrates that February is Avocado and Banana month.

Family Fun Activity

During the winter months it can be hard to get your self and your children outdoors and stay active. Outdoor activities are important for health and development of everyone in the family and particularly so in the youngest members. Indoor obstacle courses are a fabulous way to help practice their gross motor skills. Here are few ideas to play around with to create a fun obstacle course for your child. For children of different developmental stages just adjust the height, distance, or number of obstacles they participate in. These activities will get your child’s heart rate up and give them a great way to burn off some energy.

Obstacle Course

Materials Needed

Hula hoops
Ball or bean bag


Using tape make a line for a young child to balance and walk across, you can use blocks for an older child. You can also use the tap to make arrows for what to do next. Lay out hula hoops for your child to hop into or lay them out side by side and they can jump through them like they are tires. Tie string across two or more chairs and make a low crawl through. Use boxes to make a tunnel, by taping several boxes together you can create many twists and turns. Use a basket and a ball or bean bags to make a tossing game. Arrange the obstacles in a different order and let them repeat for as long as they want..

For more obstacle course ideas check out this great guide.

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