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Valentine love quotes + picture frame crafts = Cute homemade V-Day gifts ideas

Intro: Valentine love quotes are some of the most beautiful sayings you can put on your picture frame crafts for Valentine's day. Who knew that a little glue, some fancy paper and some love quotes and sayings could make such cute homemade V-Day gifts?

Valentine love quotes + picture frame crafts = Cute homemade V-Day gifts ideas (kreezzalee at Creative Commons)
Valentine love quotes + picture frame crafts = Cute homemade V-Day gifts ideas (kreezzalee at Creative Commons)
Creative Commons

Cute Homemade V-Day Gifts From the Craft and Hobby Store

Frame crafts are some of my favorite homemade gifts to make, and in this day and age, where just about everyone has access to a camera via their cell phone, most people have more pictures than they can ever manage.

The nice thing about adding meaningful love quotes to your homemade picture frames is that these crafts almost function like a Valentine's Day greeting card and gift in one.

Additionally, I don't know about you, but I can definitely say that the older I get, the more touched I am by homemade gifts. I know how busy I am, and I assume that everyone is as busy as I am. That someone took the time to create something with me in mind is always extra special.

And if you're making something that people can decorate their homes with like picture frame crafts, all the better! It's a year-round reminder of how much you love them!

Some Thoughts On Using Valentine Love Quotes, Sweet Sayings and Poems on Frame Crafts

Because I'm such a lover of words, they figure into a lot of my designs and decorations for Valentine's Day. In the video attached to the screen, you'll get some basic instructions about the frame crafts that I'm making for people for V-Day. (Thank you, HeyKayli on YouTube.) That said, I've provided additional instructions for the craft below.

In the slide show, I'm also including photos that I've found on Creative Commons that have inspired me. They're really great if you're looking for ideas for other cute Valentine's Day gifts if you'd like to decorate your homemade frame crafts with something besides quote about love.

Finally, I've include some links to Valentine love quotes and poems for you to put on your homemade frame crafts for your V-Day presents as well as instructions on how to make my variation of this gift.

Supplies for Homemade Picture Frame Crafts With Valentine Love Quotes

You can get the supplies you need for this frame craft on Amazon, at Michael's Arts and Craft Stores or if you look, your local dollar store sometimes carries these items as well.

The supply list is below.

How to Decorate a Picture Frame With Love Quotes and Poems and Other Items

  1. Paint the frames with red or pink acrylic paint and allow to dry. They shouldn't be damp to the touch at all.
  2. Copy and paste the Valentine love quotes, sayings and poems onto a Word document. Make sure that you cover the whole paper (like the picture of the newspaper picture frame as well as the picture frame associated with the video.
  3. Put the stationary paper into the printer and print off the quotes. Make sure you get stationary that's big enough to cover the picture frame as Kayli demonstrates in the video. Don't cut the paper to fit the frame before you print it. If you buy fancy papers, the design on them can be part of your homemade picture frame craft design.
  4. Lay the frame on the paper printed with the Valentine love quotes and poems. Trace the outline of the frame -- she shows you this in the video.
  5. Cut out the cover for the frame, making sure you also cut out a hole in the center.
  6. Glue the quotes paper or scrapbook paper onto the front of the frame. Use Mod Podge glue and a sponge brush that you've dampened and then squeezed out.
  7. Push any wrinkles out of the paper and allow to dry.

Valentine Love Quotes, Poems and Meaningful Sayings

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