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Valentine dessert ideas: Best velvet cupcakes + sugar & chocolate chip cookies

Intro: Need some Valentine dessert ideas? Why not try recipes for the best red velvet cupcakes as well as V-Day sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies? These cute dessert ideas work well if you're putting together a Valentine gift bag, bringing treats to your kids' school or attending an office party.

Need Other Great Valentine's Day Ideas?

The Best and Sometimes Easy Valentine Desserts to Make

Click on the hyperlinks in the paragraphs to be taken to the recipes.

Best Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes count as one of the most popular and delish V-Day dessert recipes you'll find. Although these are tasty anyway, they're even better if you top them with the best icing for cupcakes and cookies, which is cream cheese frosting - in my humble opinion. The Joy of Baking has some of the best cupcake recipes of the red velvet persuasion I've found anywhere, and the site gets a bonus for the cuteness factor. The icing on these cupcakes makes for some very cute dessert ideas. Watch the video at the top of the screen for how-to's. Or go to the site to get the full red velvet cupcake recipe.

Heart-Shaped Valentine Sugar Cookies

The Best Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies Recipes usually include plenty of frosting, heart-shaped cookies and sometimes even sticks, if you're making Valentine cookie pops for your V-Day sweets bouquets. I find that some of the best sugar cookie recipes anywhere are actually the ones I make for Christmas for my holiday exchange, so I'm including some of them here. With the right heart-shaped cookie cutter and pink frosting, you instantly have the best Valentine sugar cookies ever!

Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies

My recommendation for the best Valentine's Day chocolate chip cookies also come from my own recipe box. I have a gluten-free white chocolate chip cookie recipe for you to try. (No reason if you're gluten intolerant that you should be left out of all the fun!) Since I'm also partial to chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter, although I'm cheating a little in this case by adding chocolate kisses to my peanut butter cookies. Finally, I have your classic chocolate chip cookies recipe. It's great by itself or make a unique Valentine's Day gift by turning your best chocolate chip cookies recipe into ice cream sandwiches for your V-Day dessert!

Buffy Naillon is the author of the bestselling book "Clare's Chocolates Cookbook: Best Recipes for Cake and Cookie Pops, Fudge, Fondue, Cupcakes & More." The book features delicious recipes that are just right for Valentine's Day. It's available on Kindle now.

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