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Valentine, a cat shot in the head with a dart


(c)Joa's Arc   "Valentine laying in her cage during recovery"

UPDATES: 3/3/10 Valentine was shot with a dart, but it did not kill her spirit.

Valentine is a cat with the unbelievable will to live. On Jan 30th, she came up on a front porch to a home in Williamstown, NJ. When she did she surprised the owners of the home because when the owner of the home looked down at this poor cat they were taken back by what they saw. Someone had shot the cat in the sys with a dart. This dart was about six inches or so and resembles that of a crossbow type. The bad part was the dart had gone straight into the cays eye without piercing the eyelid and the spear point was protruding out the back of the cat’s neck.

(c) Joa's Arc   "Valentine as she was brought in with the dart in her eye"

The owner of the home called the Animal Control Officers and they took the cat straight to the Deleware Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Jessica Morrissey decided that this cat obviously had the will to live and was still purring so they would do the necessary surgery to get the dart out of the cat’s head. After removing the dart Valentine was doing great in foster care at Joa’s Arc Rescue. She did have to go back for more of a reconstructive surgery to close the eye lid permanently as Valentine has lost all vision in that eye. Dr. Morrissey expects Valentine to make a full recovery and she should adapt to having one eye very well.

This inhumane act of cruelty bestowed upon this poor cat was done by a cowardly person. This person will more than likely act upon another animal and eventually could start on women or children. This process has been looked at by law enforcement and even the state of California is trying to create an Animal Abuse Registry where when a convicted animal abuser must register in a central facility. Shane Barbi, The Kitty Liberation Front and Barbi Twin, has also commented about the Valentine situation and she said, “The public registers of animal abusers needs to happen so you can see if your neighbor is dangerous. This process can help and you can also demand as tax payers to make shelters more accountable with task forces.” Animal abuse also needs to be deemed as a felony charge in every state to try and stop this type of bad behavior before it gets started. As per the “Tiny Tim” law that Ken Wahl, award winning actor and husband to Shane Barbi, is trying to get started which would make animal cruelty a felony. Tiny Tim was the poor kitten that was glued to the highway in Minnesota.

(c) Joa's Arc   "Showing the dart going all the way through Valentine's neck.

Ken Wahl said, “We need to get people to become proactive and call their politicians and make these animal abusers profiled and labeled as violent criminals so once in the computer we can keep a paper trail to stop the next crime.” This opinion by Ken Wahl is also shared by Shane’s sister Sia, The Kitty Liberation Front and Barbi Twin, that she said, “If someone says they love dogs or birds, but hate cats, then that is as I call it pet racism, which leaks into other parts of their lives. When you specify dislike for a certain animal that is justification to animal cruelty. 100% of violent sexual crimes start out on cats. Men that kill cats kill women. Let's connect the dots and save a lot of crime. In California any animal abuse is a felony. But we not only have to make it a felony in other states, but we have to enforce it, and not allow animal abuse on networking social sites.”

 The New Jersey SPCA is now offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this act of cruelty. If you have information please call the New Jersey SPCA at 800-582-5979 or call the local police department. Joa’s Arc shelter has been offering the service of fostering Valentine while she has been going through her surgeries and healing process. Joa’s Arc specializes in getting donations for special needs animals and helping them through rehabilitation until adoptable for the Southern New Jersey shelters. Valentine will be available for adoption once she is released by the veterinarians as a clean bill of health. She will be adopted out by the Gloucester County Animal Shelter.



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  • Penny Tacoma Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    This is horrible! I can't even begin to imagine the pain that poor cat was happy that Valentine got some help.

  • Pet Advocacy Examiner-Dena 5 years ago

    Thank you Penny for commenting. I hear you about the pain factor, and to just walk up on someone's porch like nothing happened. My goodness that poor cat. I really hope someone takes that cat and provides her a great home and treats her as a queen for what she has been through. I hope she understands that not all people are that bad.

  • Debbie 5 years ago

    Let me know if Valentine gets adopted please :)

  • Pet Adcocacy Examiner-Dena 5 years ago

    Debbie, she has several applications at the Gloucester County Animal Shelter right now. If you would like you could click the link in the article and contact them about trying as well. She is one lucky little cat. I will be posting an update on her soon. I have some great information about her and how she is doing.

  • kym 5 years ago

    What a terrible person to do something like this!! I can't even imagine what poor Valentine is going through. How can people be so cruel. If you don't like animals regardless of type just leave them alone!There is NO justifiable reason to injure a defensless animal. I have seen abuse before and yet it amazes me everyday to see the trust,gentleness,and love these animals still show to humans... Thank you to everyone involved in the saving,treatment,and compassion you all have given her. I hope she ends up in a home she deserves, caring,loving and safe...

  • National Pet Advocacy Examiner-Dena 5 years ago

    Thank you Kym for the great comments. I fully understand. I do have an update I'm working on with new pictures so check back at a later date to see her and to see how you may be able to help with the medical bills. They are stacking and the rescue is hurting for the money to pay them. Details coming!

  • tim 5 years ago

    thanks so much for keeping this in the media. please can you do updates so we can see how valentine does.

  • Mark Tisch 5 years ago

    Some loser who thinks he's tough did that. But instead of taking on a real challenge he picked on a little cat... real tough. Pathetic and disgusting. Big thanks to those who are helping that kitty.

  • Pet Advocacy Examiner-Dena 5 years ago

    THank you Mark and Tim for your comments. Mark-Yes it does take a coward to do something like this to a poor helpless cat. Next this person will be targeting bigger prey and eventually people. To Tim - Yes I am currently woring on an update to Valentine. I should have something up tonight or first thing in the morning on her. She is doing very well and loving her foster home, although due to her situation she is having some trust issues. That is to be expected.

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