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Vail avalanche kills 1: Avalanche most likely caused by 4 people caught in it

The Vail avalanche took the life of the grandson of one of the co-founders of the Vail ski resort where this happened. Anthony “Tony” Seibert was with three others who were caught in the Vail avalanche on Tuesday, but he was the only one who died in the incident, according to CNN News on Jan. 8.

Vail avalanche took the life of the ski resorts founder, Tony Seibert.
Tony Seibert tribute on Yahoo screen shot

The three people that Seibert was with managed to escape after they were covered with snow. None of the three needed medical attention, they were able to walk off the mountain on their own accord.

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being least dangerous) used to gauge the possibility of an avalanche based on the conditions, the avalanche scale was posted as a 3 yesterday. Many of the past avalanches have occurred when the numeral warning reaches 3, so the danger was high yesterday.

The avalanche occurred in the back country wilderness where they do not have avalanche control. Often a calm sunny day is deceptive when it comes to the possibility of an avalanche occurring, which is what the conditions were at the time of this incident.

The spokesperson for the state-run Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Ethan Greene, said that the avalanche was “most likely triggered by the people who got caught in it.”

Out of the group that the 24-year-old Seibert was with, two of them were on skis and two were on snowboards, but it is not known which Seibert was on.

A video tribute to Seibert was posted online that highlighted the skill of this skier. He was known as an “uplifting and cheerful” person. The tribute went on to say that “he was always goofing around or getting other people excited and just making them happy.”

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