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Vaginal fitness device for Kegel exercises rewards users with vibration

Kegel exercises are recommended by physicians, not only to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor, but purportedly aid in her sex life as well, according to Tech Cocktail. Tech Cocktail also reports that many women do not truly know how to perform this type of vaginal maintenance, with up to 30% doing them incorrectly. The kGoal is a device that is supposed to change all that by “guiding, measuring, and tracking pelvic floor exercises,” which also provides vibration as a reward, according to a July 5, 2014 BuzzFeed report.

The kGoal trainer claims to strengthen pelvic floor muscles using an insertable device that also offers vibrations in the process.
kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer/Kickstarter

The device, called a fitbit for the vagina, was created by Minna Life. The company is raising money for the device with a Kickstarter campaign, which at press had 873 backers, and was more than $11,000 over its original goal to raise $90,000, with 29 days left to go. BuzzFeed notes there are other devices on the market that claim to strengthen the vagina and the pelvic floor, but they do not track the users progress with an app, unlike the kGoal.

The kGoal’s Kickstarter page notes it is a “smart Kegel trainer: it is a device + app that provides a fun, interactive platform to guide, measure and track your pelvic floor exercise.” In essence, the kGoal is a “squeezable pillow” inserted into the vagina, which measures the compression of the pelvic floor muscles. In addition, the makers state, “...there is also a motor for providing real time vibrational biofeedback.”

The kGoal also has an “arm” attached to it that stays outside the body and holds the kGoal pillow in place. It also contains the device’s interface and has a “second vibrational motor that can be used together with or instead of the motor in the pillow,” according to the device's creators.

The kGoal device, which is described by makers as totally body-safe because it is made from Class VI medical grade silicone that is completely phthalate free, can work with or without the app connected and comes with a USB charger. According to BuzzFeed, the device is expected to retail for about $175 once it is available for sale.

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