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Vade Mecum

a book for ready reference;

something readily carried about by a person.

Latin: Go with me. Origin: 1629.

There was a time we would consult an encyclopedia when in need of knowledge. A dictionary when in search of the proper spelling of a word. I quickly grew weary of lugging around 12 volumes of Funk and Wagnalls and Merriam and Webster were back breaking as well. A thesaurus only added extra weight my lithe frame was unable to accommodate. So it came to be with much fanfare and excitement that Al Gore invented the internet; the information superhighway and a spidery web of knowledge and enlightenment at our crippled fingertips. Hallelujah and amen, my backpack is a hundred pounds lighter and there are no more door to door salesman knocking on windows at 9:00pm hoping to sell New Britannica books for gas money so they can make it back home to an uncaring and drunken wife who is having an affair with the bag boy at the supermarket. In Latin, the previous statement translates as 'Livicus sellus vade mecum ist terribilus affairis est locus'.

I still live and die by pen and paper. Black ink upon white pages which create grey thoughts and ideas. I am always within arm's reach of said tools just in case the need arises to jot down a fleeting feeling or disgruntled diatribe. Though we live in a science fiction technologically astounding confusing age, I believe in the old ways. A pen in hand scratching upon a centuries old invention is intimate; it is almost sexual - orgasmic, as words cascade like tears or waterfalls that will either drown us or sate our thirst for knowledge and imagination when everything around us comes crashing down like meteors of reality, and reality is generally painful and full of half truths we wish not to acknowledge.

So, go with me. No one reads anything I write and I am a hypocrite for typing this on my iPad and posting these words into/onto the ethereal world of cyberspace but it is a tool which has invaded and destroyed my inner city - my heart and soul, my love for ink/blood and paper/LED/cybernetics and all things once held sacred that must fade away into obscurity like the written word and the dreams we used to dream.

Does a machine dream?

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