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Vacuuming Championships come to the Honda Center

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Extreme vacuuming, a sport that has received little attention in the shadow of extreme ironing, is experiencing its first time in the spotlight due a promotional campaign by Dyson.

You may have seen extreme vacuuming stars James Halley and Susan Santiago vacuuming on advertisements featuring fire and lions. Orange County residents get a chance to see them take their sport to the limit at the Honda Center next Thursday night.

Between the staple challenges of the sport like speed vacuuming and precision vacuuming (where players will be required to make straight lines across the floor of the Honda Center covered in commercial carpeting), contestants will face a host of zany, some even downright scary events.

If you thought vacuuming was just for housewives, come see these toned athletes vacuum while riding BMX bikes and climbing rock walls. You'll have a whole new appreciation for this activity that is much more than a chore.