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Vacations and Weight Loss

Vacations can be wonderful, of course, or they can be stressful. And they can also be, at times, an excuse to abandon all discipline. Feel free! Have fun! Forget your life at home!

Not so fast.

The first thing to keep in mind is -- just how long are you planning on being away? A day? A week? A month? Longer?

If you're only going away for a day or two, you really should kiss the idea of abandoning all discipline good-bye. You don't want to be spending six days (or more!) undoing what you did during the course of two or three vacation days. A month is certainly a substantial amount of time to be away. But a week? Not so much.

And, where are you going? Is it a once-in-a-lifetime excursion to Japan? Or are you going to your brother-in-law's beach house on Cape Cod. You know, the one you go to every year?

Next, what are you doing there? It can be easy to fall right back into poor habits, not only when it comes to eating but also when it comes to exercise. So, a question: is it possible to work out where you're going? Perhaps the hotel has a weight room, or the resort has a pool. Maybe the area has walking tours, or fun museums you could check out on foot. What about walking around cute shops or learning something athletic, like scuba diving or parasailing?

A vacation shouldn't be an occasion for letting everything go to pot. To be sure, you want to relax, so perhaps extremely diligent calorie-counting is an unrealistic expectation. But exercising some restraint, and keeping your eyes on the ultimate prize, will help to keep you from regretting your vacation the minute you get back to work the following Monday morning.