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Vacation time and your insurance policy

Now that we have passed the middle of the summer time vacation period, I have a few pointers concerning the benefits your insurance policy can provide for those of you who have not as yet made the pilgrimage to find fun in the sun.
If you should find it necessary to stay at a motel\hotel during the transit to your destination, or for an extended period while you enjoy the locale, please make sure you check the condition of the establishment’s fire prevention abilities.

If possible prior to checking in, or while at the front desk, before you put your money down make sure your lodging is sprinkled. I am not talking about a rainstorm, I am talking about the lodging having firefighting sprinklers in every room including the hallways and common areas such as the lobby. If the place only has a fire alarm system, you may want to find another place to stay.

Should you decide to stay at an establishment which is not adequately outfitted to deal with a fire and your personal property which you brought into the room are destroyed by a fire, your homeowners, or rental insurance policy will help. Most insurance policies will provide at least $200 for money, bank notes, gold, other than goldware and silver, other than silverware.

If the disaster which caused the loss you experienced as a guest was not their fault, you could not expect to be able to recover your loss. However, if it was their responsibility, then your insurance company will attempt to recover your loss from the offending motel’s insurance carrier.

Make sure that before setting out on the road, you know exactly the extent of the items you are taking with you, so that in case of a loss, you are able to adequately remember how many articles of clothing, toiletries, etc., was lost, or perhaps taken by an unscrupulous baggage handler at the airport.

But above all have fun.

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