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VA healthcare a look to the future of Obamacare

The Veterans Administration (VA) a government healthcare system, that likely portends the future of Obamacare, is sick with corruption, fraud, waste and incompetence. In one location, forty vets were sacrificed, died waiting for access to services. It is alleged waiting lists were falsified so administrators could get their bonuses. Manipulating waiting lists are the death panels we have been warned about and mocked in Obamacare! Information coming from many involved in veterans healthcare is pointing out the problem is wide spread, a fact that has been known for years.

Whistle blowers about VA Scandal need protection!
Whistle blowers about VA Scandal need protection!Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Fox News announced money to the VA has tripled during the Obama administration. Employment in the VA has increased in order to reduce the backlog. What the extra money and manpower to the VA has produced is the same results we have seen in government and education, failure. Increased resources have seen a throttling back in individual effort by 20 percent a typical result in government. Prior to all this increase, individuals in the VA were processing 98 cases measured in a standard period! Now each individual is processing 78 cases, showing with extra resources government gears back as they have in education and government! More money to government structures means less productivity. The VA and public education certainly attest to this.

The liberal mentality has always been to throw money at a problem. In their minds more money will cure the problem. Effectiveness and efficiency of actions are of no importance. Not when taxation and spending, to foster a bloated government, are their primary concerns. Attention and effort are seldom if ever given consideration. The money doled out they assume the problem is solved. Enlarging the pool of money creates greater access to politicians and bureaucrats for their profitable corruption. They rarely go back and check or fine tune. They are too lazy to make the effort to see if the problem is solved. It is easier for those with such lethargy to assume the problem is solved.

Economist Milton Freedman pointed out in the fifties the federal government spends twice as much on projects as the private sector for half the results. That means a quarter the results for the same amount of money. I would guess that disparity has grown in the last fifty years. Government strived for mediocrity before the advent of government unions. Those unions have achieved far less than mediocrity to their own betterment.

Bonuses for government employees are an investment in government incompetence and corruption! Lazy, lethargic, liberal progressive government plays at the role of governing rather than working at it. Our so-called representatives put on a grand play, playing the political game which feeds their egos and pocketbooks.

We’ve got to get back to the people’s business, a dodge politicians use to avoid being confronted with their own corruption! Our representatives lean more toward giving the people the business rather than taking care of it. Most disturbing is screwing the veterans who have risked and given up life and limb to protect the freedoms of all Americans.