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Va. Dem. to supporters: Break the law, use police to harass Tea Party members

Virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson urges followers to violate Virginia law, use police to harass Tea Party members.
Virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson urges followers to violate Virginia law, use police to harass Tea Party members.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat who wants the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., is not on the ballot in his district, but continues to issue unhinged tweets as though he is a viable candidate. On Sunday, he urged his supporters to violate Virginia law and use the police to harass members of the Tea Party.

"Use the Supreme Court ruling to harass tea party members. When you see them call the police," he tweeted.

"You do realize you are advocating people to make false statements to the Police? That's, last I checked, a crime," one person said in response.

It does, in fact, appear that Dickinson is urging his followers to violate Virginia law, which says false reports to law enforcement is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Virginia law clearly states it is illegal to "knowingly give a false report as to the commission of any crime to any law-enforcement official with intent to mislead."

The law also says it is illegal to call police "without just cause and with intent to interfere with the operations of any law-enforcement official, to call or summon any law-enforcement official by telephone or other means, including engagement or activation of an automatic emergency alarm." Clearly, Dickinson is encouraging followers to call police without just cause.

Dickinson cited a Supreme Court ruling that says police can act on an anonymous tip to stop motorists who may be violating the law. But it is not illegal to be a member of the Tea Party -- at least not yet.

One person told Dickinson she doubted police would appreciate Dickinson's supporters filing false reports and using them as instruments of political intimidation. Dickinson, however, apparently doesn't care.

It's not the first time Dickinson has urged supporters to skirt the law. As we reported Friday, he suggested people post personal information based on license plates, information Virginia law says is protected, privileged information.

He also issued what can only be called an online threat against GOP state Delegate Robert G. Marshall in mid-April. In his tweet, Dickinson called Marshall a "terrorist" and threatened to go after him once he decimates the Tea Party.

Dickinson's campaign, if one can call it that, has consisted primarily of unhinged messages on Twitter attacking the NRA, the Tea Party, Fox News, Christians and anyone to the right of Josef Stalin. At one point, he sought support from people who want to see Christians "decimated."

Now, it seems Dickinson is openly calling on supporters to break the law to help him in his one-man war against the Tea Party.

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