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Va. Dem. promises more Tea Party license plate pics despite announced DMV probe

Va. Democrat Micke Dickinson promises to continue violating law with pictures of license plates.
Va. Democrat Micke Dickinson promises to continue violating law with pictures of license plates.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has said it will be looking into allegations that Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat who seeks the House seat held by Eric Cantor even though he is not on the ballot, may have violated the law regarding privacy of license plate information. Nevertheless, Dickinson said on Twitter Wednesday he would continue to post license plates of suspected Tea Party activists in his effort to harass them.

"Been busy today. More tea party plate photos coming soon and photos of tea party members at tea party events. Let's ID these idiots," he said.

Dickinson had been silent for much of the day, which is unusual. Normally, Dickinson issues tweet after unhinged tweet repeating the same messages throughout the day. One person said he was probably with a lawyer pleading with a magistrate.

"Mike is banking on ending up in the Federal pen; he finds those shower scenes from Oz ever so appealing," another person said.

"Wow, so the @VirginiaDMV announcing they are looking into things doesn't stop you," another critic tweeted. "Wow, I'm speechless almost."

As we reported Thursday, the Virginia DMV said on Twitter it is "looking into" allegations that Dickinson may have violated state laws regarding the privacy of license plate information. Dickinson's actions would also appear to violate federal law.

"We take serious any allegation like this. #VADMV info is private&protected. We'll be looking into it," the agency said.

One person whose vehicle's plate was posted by Dickinson contacted Examiner to say his truck now has its own Facebook page, "AIS Liberty Dually." The owner said he is still waiting for a return call from the DMV.

This will not be the first time Dickinson has allegedly skirted the law. As we reported earlier, he issued what appears to be an online threat against Del. Robert Marshall, a Republican running for the House in another district. He also urged his followers to violate Virginia law and call police to harass members of the Tea Party.

The Blaze, citing this writer's coverage, said Dickinson's plan "could seriously backfire."

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