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Va. Dem. expresses hope hunter-cheerleader Kendall Jones killed by wild animals

Va. Democrat issues tweet expressing hope Kendall Jones killed by wild animals.
Va. Democrat issues tweet expressing hope Kendall Jones killed by wild animals.
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

On Wednesday, we broke news that Mike Dickinson, a liberal Democrat seeking the House seat currently held by Eric Cantor despite not being the official Democratic Party candidate, issued a $100,000 reward for nude photos or sex tapes of Kendall Jones, the Texas Tech cheerleader who made news with photos of animals she had shot. Dickinson, however, went over the edge Thursday, issuing tweets expressing hope that Jones is killed by wild animals.

"#KendallJones is pure trash. She hunts endangered animals. Let us all pray she meets her maker from an animal attack," he said.

"Yay, progressive patriarchy," said conservative radio talk show host Dana Loesch. Loesch minced no words, calling Dickinson a "balding pervert" who wished death on a teenage girl because she hunts.

Dickinson repeated his message, in case someone didn't get the word that he wants Jones dead: "Let us all pray that #KendallJones gets mauled by a rhino or contracts Ebola on her next canned hunt to kill a animal."

A number of people took Dickinson to task, calling the Virginia Democrat a pervert and a creep. For others, Dickinson's tirade was indicative of liberalism and the Democratic Party in general.

"Are you of your bi polar meds (sic)? Or just a typical hypocritical liberal?" one person asked.

"You're the trash for soliciting nude pics of her. Just another perv DEMONcrat," another person added.

Although Dickinson is not the official Democratic Party candidate, Ballotpedia has referred to him as a "write-in" candidate. Dickinson says he is the "true" Democrat, calling Jack Trammell, the real Democratic Party candidate "weak." Nevertheless, Dickinson insists that he is still running for office and actually believes he will win.

Most of the "twitterverse" soundly condemned Dickinson for soliciting nude photos of Jones only to later call for her death, but it turns out Dickinson has at least one supporter who approves of his actions.

"I think @VoteMike2014 is on a noble hunt indeed," one person said in a message Dickinson re-tweeted. The message, however, no longer exists.

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